Hotel Management Services


With its visionary approach to service, Richmond International aims to create profitable tourism brands where all processes function properly. In this respect, the company forms innovative and proactive sales organizations with experience and foresight, which adapt to the changing demands of different markets, and it seamlessly manages this network. The company’s central sales office determines sales strategies specific to the product by analyzing the region and demands. These strategies are supported by the advantages of participating in national and international trade shows. Richmond International is also responsible for marketing and following up the hotel online.


The most fundamental way for Richmond International to have a powerful brand is to adopt an integrated brand approach on its marketing and communication channels. The company’s professional marketing team creates innovative strategies for creating a powerful brand and loyal customers with integrated use of all communication channels. The focus is put on the brand’s strengths. As a result, the brand differentiates itself from competition to position itself strongly in the consumer’s mind. A multi-faceted, sustained and consistent communication model is developed to create an effective brand identity and image.

Revenue Management

Revenue management is one of the key activities in hotel management. Richmond International’s revenue managers develop new productivity-enhancing strategies by analyzing the market’s structure and revenue generation in detailed reports. This approach is instilled throughout the organization. The goal is to maximize profitability by analyzing occupancy rates and average room prices. Advanced technology is at the heart of all of the actions taken to achieve this basic goal.

Finance and Control Management

All of the business models developed by Richmond International for specific needs focus ensuring return on investment in the shortest time by carefully analyzing supply and demand metrics in the accommodation sector. To achieve results at this stage, an efficient system that includes forecasting the annual budgets of hotels as well as carrying out daily, monthly and yearly assessment is established. Monthly reports are adapted for hotels in line with the financial standards of the hotel management sector. These reports are carefully analyzed and profit and loss statements are monitored. The profitability of hotels is enhanced with effective cost controls.

Food and Beverages

The basic factor that gives companies a unique position in food and beverages is combining local tastes with quality, innovative and trail-blazing presentations. Richmond International creates unique, cost-effective menus in the hotels it serves with the contemporary taste concepts it has developed.

Purchasing Management

Richmond International’s management offers the advantage of purchasing products at the best prices as a result of the mutual respect and good relations it has developed with its suppliers for almost a quarter of a century. The efficient Richmond International purchasing network is constantly updated and expanded with technology-based research.

Business Partner Relations

Richmond International’s transparent management approach ensures the development of long-term relations with investors based on mutual trust.

Human Resources and Quality

All of the companies under Richmond International’s management operate in an atmosphere which supports productivity, cooperation and solidarity. It offers the hotel management sector the opportunity to train and recruit specialized employees who have been trained according to the values and quality standards of the chain, who constantly develop their skills and competencies, and who are committed to ethical values.

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