Service Areas

Investor Relations and Advantages

The needs of the investor determine the Richmond International consultancy approach. The common goal in all types of company activities is to maximize the company’s profit. In this regard, Richmond International’s operations are shaped by the principle of maximum quality and minimum cost in all purchasing processes, leveraging the group’s experience and advanced business relations. It stays abreast of new trends to develop and implement new concepts in all of its business operations.

Feasibility Study

One of the most important services that makes Richmond International unique is that investment projects are analyzed methodically and productivity is measured with a supplemental contract.

Investment Agreement

Richmond International is responsible for the management of the whole hotel through a management contract concluded with the investor. This also includes performance reports provided to the investor, support regarding Richmond International’s services and carrying the investment into the future. With this business partnership, Richmond International aims to add value to the investment.

Franchise Agreement

The franchise agreement concluded with the investor stipulates that Richmond International is responsible for providing hotel management with support in several areas, including consultancy, training, sales and marketing. The investor is required to conduct business partnership operations that do not compromise Richmond International’s brand value and service quality. In exchange, it grants rights to use the Richmond brand name and it periodically inspects the same.

Technical Consultancy

With a supplemental agreement, Richmond International’s expert staff helps create cost effective projects with high productivity from the beginning of the project to the conclusion of the investment.

Pre-opening Services

Richmond International provides a full range of support during the pre-opening of hotels for which it has assumed management. During this time, investors can obtain support in the following service areas.

  • Recruiting staff
  • Training staff regarding service standards
  • Planning and purchasing all operational equipment
  • Planning and purchasing IT technologies and providing training
  • Market research and product development
  • Planning marketing activities
  • Planning sales policies
  • Pre-opening budgeting
  • Planning revenue management
  • Smooth hotel opening

Management Consultancy

Richmond International provides consultancy to investors for all service areas.

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