Located at various destinations in Turkey, Richmond International includes hotels operating in different areas of tourism, such as city hotels, destination SPAs, resorts and thermal hotels. Its structural diversity and know-how accumulated over more than a quarter of a century give Richmond International’s experience a broad perspective.

Richmond Istanbul

Built in 1992 on İstiklal Boulevard, the heart of Istanbul, Richmond Istanbul was the tourism starting point for the Aksoy Group. The first and only hotel on İstiklal Boulevard, which is located in the historical Pera district, Richmond Istanbul provides superior service to thousands of domestic and foreign visitors.

Richmond Pamukkale Thermal

Opened in 1993, Richmond Pamukkale Thermal is a new dimension in Aksoy’s experience in tourism management. The hotel is a five-star establishment in the Karahayıt region of Pamukkale, which is considered the world’s first spa.

Richmond Ephesus Resort

After gaining experience in city and thermal hotel management, the group went into “resort” management with Richmond Ephesus which joined the group in 1995. Located 10 minutes from the ancient city of Ephesus, Richmond Ephesus is an all-inclusive operation with a blue-flag beach and lush green natural surroundings.

Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa

Opened in 2005, Richmond Nua is Aksoy’s largest tourism brand and is the first and only destination Spa in Turkey. Nua has given the Richmond hotels a global identity as the leading name in the country’s Spa and Wellness sector and has won numerous national and international awards.

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